In recent years, green electronics recycling has become one of the most important changes in how businesses in the United States dispose of their excess technology. But, because there is currently no federal legislature for electronics recovery and e-waste disposal, there may be some confusion as to how green IT solutions should be implemented.

While there is no federal legislation in effect at the moment, many states have instituted mandatory electronics recycling legislation. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also initiated its own regulatory program for the safe and proper disposal of e-waste.

State By State Green IT Solutions

There are currently 23 states and one municipality (New York City) that have active e-waste regulations in effect. These states include California, Maine, Maryland, Washington, Connecticut, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York City, Oklahoma, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Hawaii, Rhode Island Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Because E-Solutions USA is aligned with international strategic partners, you're ensured that wherever you're located, all of our green electronics recycling services are fully compliant with federal, state and local regulations. As a reputable provider of green electronics recycling with over 25 years of experience, we back up our services with clear, verifiable documentation to prove the disposal of your excess IT technology is in accordance with e-waste guidelines.

Risks Associated by Not Following Green Electronics Recycling Laws

Corporations and organizations that fail to adhere to state an federal guidelines concerning green electronics recycling and disposal or those that deal with so called recyclers that illegally export the e-waste to foreign countries face a substantial risk of being fined by the EPA.

Companies that fail to practice green electronics recycling methods also face the risk of public embarrassment, a reduction in public trust and a loss of industry respect.

Reputable Green Electronics Recycling

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